Green manures

At Sativa, you can buy organic green manure that has a beneficial effect on soil and soil organisms. It also improves the soil structure and prevents erosion. Green manure is the term used to describe plants that are later incorporated into the soil and thus have a positive effect on the humus content. In addition, the flowering of many green manure plants also contributes to bees and pollinators by providing large quantities of pollen and nectar. The choice of green manure depends, among other things, on the pre- and post-crop, the season and the desired effects. For the house garden, for example, the Landsberg mixture (ray grass, winter vetches, incarnate clover) or vetch and rye mixture (rye, shaggy vetches) is recommended for autumn and winter. Both green manures contain also flowering plants, which offer still nectar in the spring. Sweet clover or birdsfoot trefoil is suitable for particularly dry locations. A classic green manure plant is phacelia, which freezes over the winter. Phacelia's purple flowers attract many bees and bumblebees. There are also special mixtures for insects and bees, such as the insect buffet, or the bee pasture Mellifera.

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